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Innovator Cosmetics Mayamy

Innovator Cosmetic Mayamy Brow Henna and Accessories

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Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules deep black

Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules dark brown

Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules classic brown

Brow Henna professional MAYAMY 30 capsules light brown

Eyebrow primer 10ml

Eyebrow shampoo 30ml

Eyebrow conditioner 30ml


Eyebrow zone gel 10gr

Helps create a perfect outline to shape eyebrows


Fixative lotion 30ml

Mineral aqua 30ml

Cup for the preparation of dye or henna glass 10ml

Angled brush classic

Cosmetic bag with logo innovator Cosmetics black


Due to absolutely natural and easy-to-use nano-capsules, you don't need to deal with inconvenient packaging and your hands wouldnt get dirty. Each jar contains 30 Due to absolutely natural and easy-to-use nano-capsules, you don't need to deal with inconvenient packaging and your hands wouldnt get dirty. Each jar contains 30 capsules (6 grams) of henna of one color, which is enough for up to 90 procedures and a measuring cup for mixing. Detailed instructions you can find on the package. The size of the jars is 5 cm * 7 cm. Long-lasting visual effect persists up to 6 weeks on hairs (up to 2 weeks on the skin). The duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.


Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to prepare the workplace, making sure that all necessary for the

procedure is close to you on a cosmetology table. The room should have comfortable temperature, because the

drying time of the liquid can decrease\increase at too high or too low temperature, what can complicate the


The client should conveniently sit on a cosmetology couch, after removing

contact lenses or glasses, if the client has them. On the client's head itis necessary to put on a disposable cap, put a

pillow under the head for convenience. The client's upper body part can be covered with a blanket (cape).

Also, before the lamination procedure, it is necessary to clarify the client about the possible presence of diseases

and conditions in which the procedure is contraindicated.

Among them: barley, blepharitis, cysts, abrasions, burns and the presence of scarring in the immediate

proximity to the eyes, eye infections (conjunctivitis), eye diseases and inflammations, eye hypersensitivity,

chemotherapy state, alopecia, keratitis, dry eye syndrome, increased lachrymation, folliculitis and pseudo folliculitis,

eyelash ingrowth, Bell's paralysis, glaucoma, nervous tic eyes, the state of the eyelashes after an unsuccessfully

performed chemical perm, increased fragility of the eyelashes, recent ophthalmologic surgical interventions.

When carrying out any procedure that involves contact with the human body,

it is necessary to comply with the rules of asepsis.

The master should pre-treat the hands with antiseptic solution, put on gloves. It can be gel, soap, liquid. Itis also

worth noting that all reusable instruments must be sterilized before each procedure. Retort cars are most often

used for sterilization.

1) Initially, a cotton swab you must remove the client's make-up with the help of oil-free means for removing

make-up. Thus, we will remove even waterproof make-up. After, we start degreasing the upper and lower

eyelashes, by using degreaser (or, as it is also called, Primer). We do this with the help of micro-brush. Then

you need to glue the lower eyelashes with an eyelash strip. It is made for the separation of eyelashes and

the protection of the skin of the lower eyelids.

2) Now you can start applying silicone rollers. They come in three sizes: S - small, M - medium, L - large.

Attach the rollers to the eyelashes to assess what their area is needed for a given length of eyelashes. The

shorter are the client's eyelashes, the smaller size of the rollers is needed for the procedure. If all the

same the roller is too big, you can use scissors to give it necessary form.

Then tightly press the silicone roller to the eyelid, closer to the eyelashes root zone. It is the best to do this

in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, while lightly pulling the skin of the eyelids

toward you (depending on the situation, to avoid peeling the roller off the skin of the eyelid, you can

apply a little glue on it)

3) When the silicone roller is fixed on the eyelid, we put on its surface a small amount of glue for eyelashes.

That the glue did not have time to dry out, the width of the area covered by it should be no more than 0.5

cm. Then we glue each of the lashes one by one to the roller, using a thin tweezers or needle to separate

the eyelashes.Make sure that none of the eyelashes is glued to the other. Each eyelash should have the same direction,

and also should not intersect with other eyelashes. Also note attention to the position of the tips of the

eyelashes, which should lie flat on the rollers, without breaking and not intersecting with each other.

When all eyelashes are evenly glued on the rollers, you can start to wave.

4) So, we apply the necessary amount of Composition #1 (white bottle) with the help of micro-brush. It is

important to apply the product evenly to the eyelashes. That the composition does not fall on mucous, it

is necessary to retreat from the root of the eyelashes to a distance of approximately 2 mm. Also you

should not apply the composition to the very tips of the eyelashes, since they are very thin and can be

easily damaged. In the outer and inner corners, the curl of the eyelashes should not be too intensive, so

the composition should be applied to a narrower eyelash area.

5) Exposure time of Composition #1 is approximately 8-13 minutes (the time depends on the length and

thickness of eyelashes: for thin eyelashes 8 minutes, for tight eyelashes 13 minutes). Then remove

Composition #1 from the eyelashes and from the silicone rollers with a dry cotton bud, moving in the

direction from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes, before using Composition #2. To make the

composition acting more efficiently, it is necessary to cover your eyes with food wrap, then cover with hot

cotton pads and a thin towel to create a “bath effect”.

6) Now with a micro-brush, apply to the eyelashes Composition #2. It is also applied to the eyelashes evenly,

for 8 to 13 minutes (the time depends on the length and thickness of the eyelashes: for thin eyelashes 8

minutes, for tight eyelashes 13 minutes). It is important to note that Composition #2 is applied to the

same eyelash areas as Composition #1.

7) After the exposition carefully remove from the eyelashes and rollers Composition #2 with a dry cotton

bud, moving in the direction from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes.

8) Next, we put collagen pads on the area under the eyes (instead of them you can use a tape to glue the

lower lashes), so that the lower eyelashes remain on top of the pads.

9) In the set for the lamination of eyelashes you will find a paint for eyelashes BRONSUN and oxidant that

need to be mixed in a jar (ring). If you are going to paint only eyelashes, then 0.5 cm of BRONSUN paint

you will need to mix with 4-5 drops of the oxidant and mix them until a creamy mass is obtained. To paint

also eyebrows, you need to mix about 1 cm of paint with 7-8 drops of the oxidant.

10) Now we proceed to the eyelashes dyeing. Before applying the paint, you need to peel off the eyelashes

from the rollers with a cotton bud dipped in Cleanser. After the eyelashes are peeled off, apply the

prepared paint with a micro-brush in turns to the upper (if desired, the lower eyelashes). After applying

the paint on all eyelashes, you need to wait 7-10 minutes for complete dyeing.

After the time has elapsed, remove the paint with a dry cotton bud.

1) With the help of Cleanser and cotton bud, remove the silicone rollers from the eyelids. Rollers are removed

from the eyelids smoothly from the inner corner to the outer corner or vice versa.

2) In conclusion, we remove the collagen pads and cleanse the skin from the remains of the compositions with

the same cleanser.

3) After that, we apply Composition #3 for Laminating "Liquid Silk" to the eyelashes and let them dry for a

couple of minutes. The composition is not washed off and is not removed from the eyelashes.

4) After this, the procedure can be considered completed!



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