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Caronlab Professional Washable Range


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In our business, hygiene is extremely important. The obvious reason being the health and safety of both you and your client. Equally important, but often overlooked, is the appearance of hygiene when your client walks into the treatment room.

Your client should feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk through the doors: confident that they made the right choice by going to YOUR salon. Good hygiene is imperative for that.

At Caronlab, we want your clients to experience the difference when they walk into your salon, so they will want to repeat their visits over and over again and share their experiences with friends and family. We’re adding 6 salon staples to our hygiene range that will help you achieve that.


Washables Range

Ideal for creating a comfortable spa ambience for your clients.

Made from the highest quality fabric for extra comfort

Absorbs moisture and creates a spa-like experience

One size fits all - Perfect fit, does not move


Washable Fitted Bed Cover

The Caronlab Washable Bed Cover with face hole is a true salon staple. Made from soft Terry Towel fabric with high quality cotton, the bed cover absorbs moisture and creates a comfortable surface for your client. Sized to fit a standard size massage table: 190x70cm.


Washable Head Bands 2pk

The Caronlab Washable Head Band is made with soft and luxurious brushed microfiber* for ultimate comfort. Its highly absorbent qualities make it ideal for use in facials. Set of 2.


Washable Body Wrap


The Caronlab Washable Body Wrap will help create a true spa experience for your clients. Made with soft and luxurious brushed microfiber* for ultimate comfort. Press studs ensure the wrap stays closed when your client moves or turns over.

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