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The Concentr8® Colour Collection by Malibu C® Artistry is a supplemental line of hybrid hair colours that blurs the lines between traditional direct dyes and permanent colour. The collection is comprised of 3 Primary Pigment Powders.

O Primary Red O Primary Yellow O Primary Blue.

Born from the marriage of science and artistry, these agents of change are a vision of simplicity mastered that offers limitless creative potential and the ability to customize colour for every client like never before.

The 3 Primary Pigment Powders (Primary Red, Primary Yellow and Primary Blue) serve as the “Building Blocks of Colour” that can be combined to create virtually any colour in the rainbow.

These multi-functional colour pigments start in dry form and are activated with water to create a primary-coloured, liquid solution that’s highly-concentrated, and used to create a custom Concentr8 Colour unique to every client.

The custom Concentr8® Colour is then added to the desired delivery system, such as:

O Masque O Permanent Colour O Klay O Shampoo O Conditioner


O Supplemental Line of Colour Enhancers O 3 Primary Colour Pigment Powders

O New Category of Hybrid Colour

O Hair Colour Reimagined


O Blurs the lines between Direct Dyes and Permanent Colour

O Creates Custom Colour Enhancers cocktailed for every client

O Delivers limitless creative potential and unrestricted C olour Range O 100% Vegan and Formulated Without: Gluten, Ammonia & PPDs

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