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Caronlab Natural Sugaring Paste


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Firm Sugar Paste Aquagel 600g

The Aquagel range offers two completely natural, Vegan friendly, biodegradable sugaring pastes:

one firm and one soft, for therapists that prefer sugaring over waxing.

 Biodegradable: no resins or chemicals

 No sticky residue –simply washes off in water

 Made with 100% purified water

 Low working temperature

 Vegan friendly


Sucrose, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Citric Acid.

Soft Sugar Paste Aquagel 800g


Sugaring Training
Sugaring requires a technique that’s very different from waxing. Caronlab Australia offers training to those who want to expand their hair removal options and work with sugaring paste.
Contact us now to ask us about our training options.


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