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Antidotpro by Scalfix

Antidotpro by Scalfix (Discontinued)

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This is revolutionary!

Antidot Pro is a revolutionary product like no other on the market! In most cases, Antidot will prevent any burning, itching, irritation or any discomfort while your color application is processing and can even prevent these effects up to 24 hours after coloration.


Why does it work?

It works because of its 12 active natural ingredients (potassium, coconut oil powder, kumquat oil, macadamia oil powder, bamboo oil powder, borage oil powder, grape seed oil powder, avocado powder, grape fruit oil, babassu oil, coconut oil, shea butter) and their antihistamine properties which neutralizes histamines. A combination of just the right proportion of these ingredients can prevent all the discomfort.

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