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Profile Salon Supplies offer a great range of additional services to make your time in salon more productive, or your salon set up a seamless and stress free event.


​We offer an efficient door to door delivery service to your Salon. Delivery is free of charge on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in your dedicated area (please see schedule below). If our Salon Rep is not in your area on the day you require products we can arrange a Courier starting from $15.00.


​TUESDAY - Central Gold Coast

THURSDAY - Northern Gold Coast.

​FRIDAY - Southern Gold Coast / Northern NSW

Salon fit out or renovations:

We can arrange qualified cabinet makers, electricians and painters (for the Gold Coast area only).

    We offer a large range of DIY furniture or for a small fee we can have somebody onsite to assemble and install.

    We don't however get involved in council and regulatory requirements.

      Salon Test and Tag Service:

      For all business including the beauty industry it is regulated by the government that all electrical equipment be Tested and Tagged every 6 to 12 months depending on the equipment or devise. Our qualified Test and Tag representative and will be more than happy to assist in this area.

      Costs are quite reasonable at $6.60 per item including GST, 10 items or more at $5.50 per item including GST, please feel free to call to book in your salon for its Test and Tag service.

        Repairs and Servicing:

        Quotes are available of the repairs of your salon equipment including drills.

        All repairs and servicing is completed in-house by Michael who is fully qualified in this field of electronics.

          Autoclave Validation & Servicing

          Why Is Autoclave Validation So Important?

          - Validation is an important annual test process to the ensure that your autoclave can safely and effectively sterilise your instruments for safe use on your patients or clients.
          - It is essential to ensure your patients are safe from the possible risk of infection or disease.
          - Autoclave Validation is a mandatory annual requirement to comply with Australian Standards 4815 and Council & State Health Regulations.
          - Autoclave Validation is required so that you know your autoclave is sterilising correctly as intended by the manufacturer.
          - To reduce the risk of possible litigation or disrepute which can be potentially fatal or disastrous for a practice.

          Business Stationary & Apparel Service

          Profile Salon Supplies stock a range or Salon Tunic's/ uniforms. We also arrange an Embroidery service for your uniforms.

          Business cards coming soon.

          Stationary set up coming soon.

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