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Vixen Cuti-Care Cuticle Oil 20ml


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CUTI-CARE moisturises and strengthens your nails and cuticles. Helps you deal with common nail problems like cracked nails, excess cuticles, dryness, fungal infections and even ingrown nails. Cuticle oils are conditioning treatments used to moisturize dry and damaged cuticles. Our Cuti-Care will help to promote strong, flexible nails and aid in the buffing of acrylic nails.

Instructions for Use
Apply oil to cuticles and bare or polished nails. Massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Before applying nail coatings, remove all traces of oil with soapy water. Use daily to soften cuticles and help keep natural nails and enhancements more flexible.

Available Scents: Fresia or Peach/Orange.

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