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Is Lumos the worlds best topcoat ?

Lumos High Speed Topcoat has a vastly improved super-fast drying formula that penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish.  Lumos is simply unmatched as a topcoat leaving the nail feeling silky, stronger and more durable. Lumos will create a high gloss finish. 

Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat is designed to naturally bond to both the natural nail and the layer above it and it dries even faster than the Lumos Top Coat. Adhesion is the key here and Lumos offers an industry leading bond.

Lumos is manufactured in the USA by Famous Names LLC

Famous Names is the business venture of Jim and Linda Nordstrom. Jim is a Co - Founder of Creative Nail Design and was its CEO and chairman for 17 years. With a Bachelor of Science degree and the experience gained by being at the helm of the largest nail business in the world Jim truly understand the science needed to go into producing world class nail products that relate to the “ real world “ the nail professional lives in. Jim is also currently a partner in UK based distributor Sweet Squared and thus understands the needs of today's nail technician. 

Linda has a long history in education and development within the professional nail business and brings a significant amount of working knowledge  to the table on how to effectively utilize product in the everyday salon environment. LInda is an accomplished nail professional herself and applies it to the management of Famous Names.

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